alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Coffee and friendship

Last night was interesting! I got home from work late-ish, because I was busy goofing around on the internet. Upon arrive home I found my darn cable modem to be still non-functional, as I'd feared. *sigh* I was pretty worn out, from my long week/weekend/Sunday-night out with my friends.

I discovered that my milk was set to expire today, so clearly I needed to eat as much cereal as possible in order to waste as little milk as possible. So I had two yummy bowls for dinner. (apple cinnamon cheerios!) I changed into my jammies and watched an embarrassing movie on television (Growing Pains, which I didn't even know they'd made the sitcom into a movie 2 years ago). I looked at my still-mostly-packed suitcase and decided to ignore it. I drank some relaxing sleepy before-bed tea, and I yawningly decided to make an early night of it.

Then, at 10pm, one of my girlfriends called. We've known each other since we were both 6 years old. Before sunday, I hadn't seen her in about 2 years. She's going back to Seattle today, and who knows when or if she'll ever visit again! (Note to self: I must get around to visiting her there sometime soon.) Naturally when I heard she was going out last night with a couple of our other friends, I had to join them, tiredness be damned. I'm not so old that a night out with friends is less appealing than sleep! The only challenge was waking up enough to be coherent again.

Well I succeeded: I tossed on a pair of jeans, and I had an omelet and coffee and laughter and good conversation. (although I could feel myself speaking a bit more slowly and laboriously than normal...) We promised ourselves not to stay out as late this time, and we mostly succeeded, getting home just after midnight.

It was a good evening, actually they were both good evenings. I value my friends, and I should spend more time with them. (Note to self!)

(Oh, and this morning I apparently slept through my alarm somehow, got to work an hour late, so I'm feeling much more refreshed today. heehee. There's probably another note to self somewhere in there...but I should get back to work.)
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