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Colorado Duck Watch 2002

(Excerpts from my conference notes last week -- I took lots of notes, some technical, some chatty. The chatty ones made it in here.)


Talking to a guy on the plane on the way here, he said he'd grown up in Michigan but lives in CO. I asked him how he ended up living here, he said, "Well, we were drunk." (insert my startled/ polite/ uncomfortable /inquiring smile here) Apparently 30 years ago he was making a delivery of some sort, crashed the truck because he was drunk, and had to wait 3 weeks for parts. During that time, he fell in love with Colorado and decided to stay....

We were each given a backpack and a giant binder to put in it. I heard somebody behind me in the lunch line today: "I never thought of this as a big bag until now." I turned around, and grinned at the guy. "What, until you saw it on me?" He nodded, "Yes, until I saw it on you."

There will be no ice skating this week. They have a 5-acre lake by my hotel, and during winter they actually zamboni it and everything. The idea of skating outdoors in the Colorado mountains sounded so cool to me. When I first saw it yesterday, I was hopeful because it looked quite solid. Then I walked around it a bit, and saw that part of the lake had no ice, and in fact had ducks swimming in it. hmm...probably not thick enough after all.

It's great being a girl at a tech conference. This is the first time I've had to walk past the long line for the men's room in order to enter the half-empty ladies room!!


I find it amusing when I'm in a class/office/meeting/whatever, and somebody (presumably) silently burps or hiccups and says softly, "Excuse me." You're not paying any attention to them, you don't know they burped, so you don't hear anything but the random "Excuse me" coming from them. If they'd just stayed quiet, nobody would have noticed....


"Software bugs, or errors, are so prevalent and so detrimental that they cost the U.S. economy an estimated $59.5 billion annually, or about 0.6 percent of the gross domestic product." National Institute of Standards and Technology, June 28 2002

Feeling sick to your stomach at a business conference is a bummer, because there's tons of yummy free (or expensable) food everywhere.

Somebody told me a joke: a blond was at a convention, and she saw a woman with a nametag pinned to her chest. The blond said, "Oh, 'Jenny', that's cute; what did you name the other one?"
I glanced down at my own nametag and said, "I think my name is too long for that."

I have been longing for gum all week. My mouth tastes yucky. I can't even find a mint, let alone gum...fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I have no plans to kiss anybody in the near future.


Duck-watch, day 5. The ducks are now either walking, standing, or sitting in shallow little puddles. The lake has frozen over. Saw a duck sitting on a thin sheet of ice, with a brook trout swimming underneath her.

Saw a duck fall through the ice during lunch, as the sun has warmed the ice some. It didn't mind, just started swimming. In fact, I imagine it was pleased, since I noticed the ducks' feet were slipping and sliding as they walked/waddled on the ice!
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