alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bad driving this evening!

I was driving home this evening with my sister, and we passed five car accidents. Five!! Well, five police cars with lights on. Four definite accidents, and one we weren't sure about because we couldn't see well. All of the incidents were on the same freeway, and they were all on the northbound side. They were all in the space of about 10 miles. Fortunately, I was driving south.

The weird thing is: the weather is not even particularly bad tonight! It's lightly snowing, and the streets are damp. Damp, not icy, not slippery. That's all. I don't know what could have possibly caused so many problems. I theorized, "Maybe there was an earthquake 30 minutes ago." But my sister pointed out we probably would have noticed it. Maybe it was a lot more slippery going north than south? Doesn't make sense. "Maybe JFK was shot, or something of that magnitude occurred, and everybody heard it on the radio and swerved off the road in shock!" But we were listening to the radio, and certainly if something like that had happened there would have been continued coverage. Besides, JFK is already dead. We could find no reasonable explanation. I was just glad I was driving south!

The very first accident we passed, it looked quite bad. There were 3 cars pulled off to the side, a variety of emergency vehicles, and in the ditch was an overturned trailer, still attached to a barely visible overturned van. "I hope everyone's okay," my sister said nervously.

Sometimes, things pass through your mind which you should not vocalize. I have a rather morbid imagination, and so I voiced a thought: "I hope that wasn't a horse trailer."

"Oh no!", my sister wailed. Somehow the thought of a helpless horse, somersaulting, trapped and pinned upside-down in that trailer, seemed just awful. I mean, thinking about the people who would definitely be in that van is awful too, but people have seatbelts, airbags, crush zones, etc. Horses generally get nothing, plus they ride in tight quarters standing up.

But there is something in humanity that forces us to keep hoping for good news, even when facing bad circumstances. Mustering up optimism, we tried to reassure ourselves that everybody was fine. "They probably just had some scratches, perhaps a fractured finger or something. And that was probably carrying furniture. But not expensive furniture."

"Pillows," my sister agreed. "It was probably carrying nothing but pillows."
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