alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I am sore this evening! It all started yesterday, when I raked my yard. My poor front yard was covered in couldn't even see the grass anymore. Or the pavement. Just leaves. I had to guess, when I pulled into my driveway, and hope that I was not pulling up onto my front lawn!

Anyway, so I raked and raked, and got them all into a neat pile in the street. But it was a lot of work. I could feel the muscles across my back tightening up last night, and this morning most of my back and shoulders were quite sore. Not a terrible thing though, because at least my leaves look better, and hey, I got some exercise!

Today, I had speedskating practice. It went quite well. I was tired today, but skated okay. Then after, I had synchro practice. (This is normal for Sundays. Tiring, but normal!) Synchro went well also, mostly. We did have one fall. We were doing what we call a "mo-lift", which is a forward-to-backward maneuver where you lift your free leg high into the air when it's completed. We are moving at high speed at that point in the program. I felt the girl behind me (in the direction I was going) bobble, then she fell. I went down too, and the girl in front of me tripped over one of us. We all tumbled off, but fortunately nobody was injured.

Actually it was a little funny, because people kept asking me if I was okay...I guess just because we were all moving at such high speed. I definitely bruised my left buttbone, where I landed, and my whole body felt "jarred", but I was completely fine; everybody was. (Does one really have a buttbone? No, I guess not...I guess I really mean the part of the hip that one sits on.)

I'm definitely more sore now though. Hard to tell how much of that is leaf-soreness vs. falling-soreness vs. skating-soreness! Just generally achy and soreness across my back and torso, whenever I move.

I tried to go to bed over an hour ago, and despite the weariness in my eyes, despite the warm softly purring cat, I couldn't find my way to sleepsville. I lay around for a while, making an effort, moaning softly to myself every time I decided to move....then I decided to just get up again.

Went downstairs, admired my face-and-hair-that-look-like-it-had-been-ravaged-by-too-many-pillows, then I found 2 Tylonals and half a sleeping tablet in the cabinet, took them all. I figured the combination of those three will help put me to sleep tonight!

They are definitely making the writing more challenging, so I think I'll call an end to it and head back upstairs for round II.
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