alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A few months ago, my mom gave me a present: a bag of tulip bulbs. At first I thought this was a wonderful gift -- how sweet, the gift of pretty flowers in the springtime! Then late summer turned into early fall, and then early fall turned into late fall, and I still hadn't planted the bulbs. It's always dark when I get home from work, and my weekends are often so busy!

I started stressing about the bulbs. The ground would be freezing soon, and too hard to dig holes. It was already so cold outside, and it's snowed lightly a couple of times. I needed to get outside and plant the damn bulbs. But when? It seemed there was always something else to do, even if that something else was just relaxing in my warm bed with a good book. Then I started rethinking the gift. It had seemed like such a nice gesture, but it wasn't pretty spring flowers. in fact it was work! She'd given me the gift of work and stress!

Well, as of today, the stress (well at least bulb-related stress) is finally over. I decided to take today off of work, because I was so tired this morning, and I had a day coming to me anyway since I missed my usual day off while in Colorado. Plus, half the things I'd intended to do this weekend didn't get done! I slept in until a glorious noon and awoke finally feeling fairly refreshed. After a relaxed breakfast of frozen eggs and vanilla diet coke, I bundled myself up, went outside, took care of a few maintenance projects I'd had, and then I planted all 25 of those guilt-ridden bulbs. I even pulled out some daffodil bulbs I'd been saving, from when C gave me a pot of daffodils last spring, and planted those as well in the hopes they'll bloom again. I still have to trim my hedge, but at least I've made a good start in my chores.

Something occurred to me, as I hung the bulb-planter in the garage. Perhaps the bulbs were not a gift at all so much as a payback for the fact that a year or two ago I semi-permanently "borrowed" my mom's bulb-planter....
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