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T-Day Again

Somehow I managed to contract a cold to enjoy over the Thanksgiving weekend. Kind of a bummer, here I'd had all kinds of stuff I wanted to get done this weekend. Oh, I'll get some of it done, but I'll be a lot less enthusiastic about doing it, unfortunately. *sigh* When I don't feel well, I generally just want to curl up somewhere in a thick blanket and sleep, read, drink tea, eat ice cream, and watch television.

I did quite a bit of that this morning though. Well, morning and early afternoon. I slept in, then spent a few hours in bed finishing the book I was reading (The Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver -- good book). Then in the late afternoon, I finally got a bit motivated and raked half my backyard. Just half. I managed to talk myself out of finishing it and doing my other planned chores... ("It's a holiday!")

The good thing about a 4-day weekend is that even though I did very little today, I still have 3 days left. Hopefully I'll manage to get some stuff accomplished during those days.

Brrr, it's cold out! We all went for a walk after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's, and it was mighty chilly. 31 degrees out, apparently. I didn't notice as much while raking, but then it was light out then, and it was dark this evening and therefore probably colder. Fortunately Thanksgiving is one of the two nights out of the year when my parents actually light a fire in their fireplace. It was much-appreciated after that walk!

I went and read my Thanksgiving Entry from last year. I had only had this journal for a few weeks when I wrote that. It's still true, all of it. I am ever so thankful for my friends, and also my family. I am surrounded by some wonderful people in my life, both on and off line. (Something to think about: I need to learn to avail myself of them more often. No renniekins is an island?)
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