alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Driving home, my windshield washer-fluid didn't work. Wait, let me back up here: driving to work, my washer-fluid didn't work. My windshield was so dirty by the time I got into the parking lot, I could barely see to park. I parked (badly), then picked up a handful of snow and cleaned my windshield. Then I re-parked (it really was a very bad parking job), and I brushed off the washer-fluid-ejection-area of the car extra good, hoping that would fix it.

But driving home tonight, it still didn't work. So much for that idea. I figured I was probably out of fluid, stopped at a gas station, and bought some. Then I tried to refill it, and it hardly took any -- seemed to have plenty. Damn! This is fast changing from an annoyance to a real problem. I'm still hoping that it's maybe a bit of ice clogging the works that will be gone by morning, since my car is warm and happy in its (um, unheated) garage....but my hopes are no longer very high. Also, the snow handfuls are not a very convenient means of washing the windshield.

Then I walked in the door and heard the cheerful chirping of my smoke alarm, which has decided it wants its battery changed. Stupid daylight savings time, I can never remember to change the batteries. It was high for me, even standing on a kitchen chair on my toes, but I managed to knock the darn battery free and onto the floor with my fingertips. (Why didn't this happen yesterday, when somebody tall was here?)

Figures, I can't find a replacement, and I'm not going out again. It's too cold out, I'm still somewhat sick, and I'm too...well, "unwilling" is really the best word here. My house will probably burn down tonight. Hopefully my other smoke detectors are still functional, and extra loud.

Oh well, at least work is over, I'm home, and I have leftover matzo ball soup in my fridge to reheat. Hopefully the evening is about to improve!
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