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What I'm worrying about

At work, we've "adopted" a few needy families for the holidays. The families have made requests for gifts they need/want, and each of these requests have been put on a bulletin board in the office. The idea is that any employee who wants to takes one of those requests, buys a gift, and we'll deliver them all to the families around Christmastime.

I selected two tags myself. One is for a 13-year-old girl, one for a 13-year-old boy. The tag for the girl requests a dress, the one for the boy requests a coat. Since Pennys was having a sale, I spent some time there on Wednesday shopping for these children.

I lucked out with the coat: I found a rack of half-off coats, with a very nice down coat in his size. It is warm, with a detachable hood and lots of pockets. Blue and gray. Hm, I should go buy some gloves or mittens to match.

The dress was harder. They didn't have a lot of girls' dresses to choose from in her size. I had wanted something with long sleeves, since it's winter. I found a long-sleeved dress I liked, but I couldn't find one in her size. I wasn't sure what style she would want, or what colors she liked. I know this is supposed to be "charity", so they should just be "grateful" for what they get...but I'd still prefer to give her something she'd really like! I wished they had more choices.

Finally I narrowed it down to two dresses I liked. Of course I had no idea which she'd prefer. I set them both on the rack in front of me, and I agonized about it for awhile, debating between the two. Trying to picture a 13-year-old in each of them, trying to guess which would be better. I finally picked the blue one, because I thought it was a little more sophisticated. It's stretchy velvety material, short-sleeved, with a simple neckline and a small ruffle-thing at the bottom. It ties in the back, and it comes with a really pretty shimmery sparkly scarf to tie around the neck. I hope she likes it!

I bought both items, but I haven't wrapped them yet. I'm still considering looking at another store for more dresses, although I think this one is okay. I think I'll buy some tights to go with it. We don't have to turn in the items until the 19th.

Yesterday though, I started worrying some more. Now I was worrying about the boy. Basically, it's really cold out right now! There's snow all over the ground, and the wind has been bitter. Is this boy currently without a coat? If so, I wish I could give it to him now...he shouldn't have to wait, shivering, for Christmas to come.

Maybe he has a coat, but it's just a little small. Or maybe he just wears a spring jacket, layering on sweaters underneath it, trying to stay warm. I don't know! But it bothers me. The dress, that can wait. But a coat? It seems like he would need a coat now -- it's cold out now! I emailed one of the organizers of this event, and she said she'd try to contact the family for me, to see if he needs the coat right away. That's really all I can do....but I sit and worry. Will the little girl like her dress? Will the little boy be warm enough? This generosity thing is harder than it looks!

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