alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I have a really nice pair of khakis, fairly new. They are a very light color. I just washed them, and I wore them to work today.

Naturally, this morning began with freezing rain. I walked/slid through several puddles in the parking lot, splashing muddy water onto the back of my legs.

Then I stopped for coffee after skating. Naturally as I leaned down to put the cup in my car's inconveniently-located cupholder (right by my left ankle), the lid popped off of the top, spilling hot coffee down my left thigh.

I enjoyed a nice long lunch break, since I got into work so early this morning. I treated myself to a takeout gyro sandwich after visiting my chiropractor and doing some shopping. I got back to my desk a few minutes ago, eagerly pulling the gyro out of the bag. Naturally it had not been fully wrapped in its tinfoil, so drops of juice splattered out of the wrapping and onto my right thigh.

By now my lovely pants are so bedraggled and spotted, I probably look like I'm some homeless waif who can't afford new clothes. So much for trying to look nice.
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