alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

O Christmas Tree

I've (more-or-less) started decorating my house for Christmas. I bought a tree way back on sunday, but it sat in my backyard until yesterday. Last night I wrestled the thing into my house and, with much struggle, I set it up in the livingroom. By the time I was through I was covered in tree-sap and needle-holes, but the tree was neatly erected on my coffee table in front of the window. It's a small spruce, just around 5 feet tall (much like me).

After setting it up and sweeping up the dropped needles, I left it there and took a shower. C came over and helped me put lights on it late last night. When I first put it up, it looked totally out of place. A naked evergreen, in the middle of a livingroom? Weird. But now it has wrapped gifts underneath and colored lights. It has turned into a Christmas tree, and a right pretty one at that.

Tonight C is planning on coming over again, and we'll actually put ornaments on it. Last night I was way too exhausted to do so, but I wanted the lights on, because I love Christmas lights in a dark room. Decorating is going better than it did last year, not as hard, which is good....there's too much I like about Christmas to not try to start enjoying it again.

This morning I got up and had tea and baklava (why, what do you eat for breakfast?) in the livingroom, with nothing but the Christmas tree lights on, and it was beautiful. It will look even better once I put some ornaments on!
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