alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Well, I tried skating in my old skates today during lunch, and it went okay. I practiced all the footwork, made sure I had the feel for it, so I think tonight and Sunday will go fine. (It had better go fine!) Then I can worry about dying my new skates next week or so, which will be much less stressful.

My old skates are so comfortable; they feel like a pair of slippers. I can't wait 'til the new ones are broken in, so they'll feel good too. Although my ankles have apparently turned into wimpy little appendages since I started wearing gel socks to break in the new skates, as they were a little bit tender today after wearing the old skates (without gel socks of course) for awhile! Sheesh.

Hopefully no major disasters tonight, hopefully all will go wonderfully smoothly. I think my mom is going to be there watching. Plus a couple other friends indicated a vague interest, although I have no idea if they'll actually come. Not a big deal, as it is our very first event of the season and we are still rather shaky. I just hope we all skate well, me especially.
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