alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Christmas Present!

I got several really nice presents. One of the ones of I received from C was something I'd asked for....a pair of roller skate tennis shoes! They look like shoes, but with a pressed button they convert into skates with two tiny wheels sticking out.

I immediately tried them out in my basement. They are going to take some practice, but they're fun! They're a little different from the kind of skates I'm used to, because the wheels are so small. You can't really push sideways on them; they don't have edges. I'm sure I'll get the hang of them in awhile. And the shoe version looks quite nice too, so I won't feel silly wearing them in public. And they fit!

Anyway, I was telling a friend about them this evening. "They're going to take some practice, but I think they'll be fun to play with. I'm thinking of trying them out in the mall."
"Are you allowed to roller skate in the mall," he asked?
"I don't know! But I can just put the wheels away if anybody complains. But I won't be skating, just rolling, anyway."
"What is the difference between skating on roller skates, and just rolling?"
"Well skating involves going fast, curving from side to side, turning, jumping, doing tricks, stuff like that. Rolling involves just rolling forwards."
"I think you're just too good at it. What you call rolling is what most of us call skating"
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