alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Car Stress

My car is dying, and I don't know what to do.

It's got engine problems, apparently there is something wrong with its second cylinder. They need to take it apart to figure it out, which is a minimum of $500. Basically they say the simplest thing that might be wrong with it would cost over $1000 to fix, and the most expensive thing might be as much as $3000.

I checked the trade-in value, and apparently it's only worth about $1620 trade-in. Only $2780 if I were to sell it privately (which is a pain).

So it's broken for more than it's worth, basically. The thing is: I've been thinking seriously about buying a new car for quite some time now. But this one is paid off, had been running fine, and is really a nice little car. I'm very fond of my car. It was the first new car I ever bought, I picked it out myself, and it's served me faithfully for 8 years.

The car I've been thinking seriously about buying is the new Saturn Ion Quad Coupe. Unfortunately it's not going to be available until around February. If I want to wait for that, I have to sink about $2000 into my current car. If I don't want to fix my car, I need to buy another car now. Now! But buying a new car is a huge investment, not one I want to jump into lightly. Now I feel like I'm under all this pressure to decide right away though, because I am currently without a vehicle.

This is a Bad Thing, when you live in the Motor City. You can't get hardly anywhere without a car. Right now, for example, I am stranded here at work until somebody is kind enough to come and fetch me. I hate having to inconvenience my friends and family to give me rides. Not to mention my own inconvenience! It's all just a sucky deal.

So what to do, what to do? I could rent a car for awhile. I could buy a clunker (just slightly less clunky than my current sputtering poor little car). I could just suck up and pay for my engine to be fixed. I could take tomorrow off and shop for cars, try to find something I like.

Really none of these options are very good! Especially since I'm supposed to be working all week. Mostly right now what I'd like to do is crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head, stop trying to think about it. The whole thing is just making me miserable! But I can't even do that, because I'm stranded here at work without a car, darn it all.

I do love my little car. My pretty little purple car. Now that I'm suddenly thinking about replacing it, I'm regretting not having taken any pictures of it. That was one of the things I wanted to do before I bought a new car, was take it to a car wash, get it all pretty, and take a bunch of pictures to remember it by. Hopefully I'll still be able to do that at some point, even if I have to skip the washing-part.

So I sit here at work, stomach churning away, shoulders knotted up, agonizingly stressing about something I can't do anything about. What fun!
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