alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


My new car just passed it's 100-mile mark! It was at 99 when I pulled it into the garage last night. I'm thinking of naming it "Sparky". Is that a good name? I'm not certain yet. I think it must be a boy car, 'cause it's blue.

I'm looking out my office window right now, and it's snowing up. All of the snowflakes are flurrying toward the sky. This will save me a lot of shoveling trouble tonight.

Well, vacation is over, and I had 2 skating practices yesterday. First a speedskating practice (which I hadn't done in over 2 weeks!), then a synchro (not for 1 week) afterward. I felt very out of shape, especially at the speed practice...I could tell I'd done very little exercise for the past couple weeks.

At synchro another girl and I collided during the back-lunge passthru and we both fell. I landed squarely on my left butt-cheek, which is precisely where I landed last time I fell. As I recall, it took about 1 to 2 weeks to heal last time. *sigh* It's not a major injury or anything, but it is annoying. Sitting is a little uncomfortable, and also any maneuver that uses that butt-muscle (standing up, sitting down, going up stairs) is painful. I tried sitting on an ice pack for awhile last night, but I think all that did was make me cold. Best to just try to ignore'll go away soon.
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