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Office Birds

I love it when birds land on my windowsill here at work. They seem so entirely out of place, perched there precariously on the other side of the glass, just past my computer monitor and geek toys. I'm on the fourth floor, with windows that do not open, so I can do nothing to encourage them. Just hope that one will wander its way by. Our windows are reflective, which probably helps pique their interest. They can't see Big Scary Me, just a cute little bird image to admire.

A tiny little guy stopped by earlier this morning. Probably a sparrow-sort. He was so small that I could really only see his head. He looked at the glass, then chirped a couple times. He chirped! Talk about a strange sound to hear in an office. I could hear him through the glass, see his beak opening wide as he expressed himself, and it totally made my morning.

Then he flew away, and I had to go back to work...alas.
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