alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Auto Accident

Remember my lovely new car? Well, pieces of it are now scattered on I-75. The rest of it was towed away last night by a large brusque stranger who clearly didn't love it like I did. But I was too busy shaking and crying to do much about it.

Last night, I was driving south in the leftmost lane. I was about a mile away from my exit, so I started to move into the lane to the right of me. I verified that my blind spot was empty and started pulling into the lane. Half-way in, I saw that there was a huge jeep-like thing also pulling into the same lane, from the right-hand lane where it had been. He was right next to me, and we were about to collide. I hit my horn and swerved left, back into my old lane.

My car started fishtailing. I'm not sure if it was graveley or icey there, or if the swerve was just too much, or both. I tried to keep the steering wheel pointed in the direction I wanted to go (forward). I felt the car's rear end skidding to the right, then to the left. I kept trying to maneuver the car, trying to keep it going forward. It seemed like it lasted forever. I thought perhaps I could get it back straightened out, but it just kept swinging from side to side. Finally the back of the car swung completely around to the right, and I saw the cement wall coming straight at me. I pictured all of the cars behind me slamming into the side of my car, and I covered my face with my hands, terrified.

The front of my car slammed into the wall. The car kept spinning, and the right-rear hit the wall too. The car was greatly slowed down at this point, and almost going straight again. I immediately drove it in the direction it was pointing (across the road) and pulled it over on the right shoulder of the freeway. By some miracle, nobody hit me.

I sat there in my car, smelling smoke, looking at the hood popped up and bent at a weird angle, wondering if it had caught fire. Then I realized the airbags had deployed, and the smoke was coming from them. I turned off the ignition. I looked around, and there were cars moving slowly everywhere, easing their way past my debris. Several cars stopped, and two guys approached my car. I started to open my driver-side door, and it stuck after about 6 inches. One of the guys helped me pull it open, and I climbed out.

"Are you okay?" they asked.

"I think so," I said, as I mentally evaluated myself. Terrified, heart beating wildly, a few mildly hurting spots, but everything was functioning properly. They asked me what had happened, and I attempted to tell them. "I don't suppose either of you are the car from the other lane?" But no, they had been behind me.

"Do you have a phone?" one guy asked me. When I said I did, he prepared to leave. I stood there helplessly. I had no idea what to do. I guess I was in shock. I glanced between the two guys, hoping one of them would tell me what to do next.

The one guy left, but the other guy asked me, "Are you sure you're okay?" I told him yes, just scared. "Just in shock a little?" I nodded. "Do you have AAA?" When I said I did, he told me I should call them, and he would call the police for me at the same time. Then he wished me good luck, and he crossed the street back to his car and left me alone.

I got back in my car and shut the door. I was shaking violently. I was alone. I started to cry. I fumbled for my phone and dialed what I thought might be the number for AAA. Somewhat to my surprise, I was right. The phone told me to type in my number, but I just pressed buttons until a real person answered the phone. I told her I'd been in an accident, and I didn't know what to do. She wasn't very helpful. I said I was okay, but I needed a tow-truck. She asked if the police had been called. I said they had, so she said she'd transfer me to claims.

I was put on hold. I sat there on hold, watching the traffic pass me. Everyone who had stopped had left. Tears were leaking out of my eyes. It suddenly occurred to me that I should put on my hazards, so I did. I listened to hold music. I waited.

Finally I saw a blinking red light behind me; the police had arrived. I struggled my way out of the door again, and walked up to meet him. He told me they had summoned a tow-truck for me, since the car wasn't in a safe place to sit long. I hung up the phone with AAA; they hadn't answered yet anyway, useless people. I told him what had happened. He had me sit in the police car with him. It was warm in there. I hadn't realized I was cold.
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