alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

I am an aunt!

WOW. My nephew was born this morning, 6:30. William Oliver, 8 lbs, 4 ozs, 21 inches. The new family is doing well. I'm so happy! I've always wanted to be an aunt. Finally my bro obliged me.

I'm quite pleased with the name, as well. I was talking to my sister-in-law about names when I visited them last month, and she said for a boy they were considering "Will." When I asked about William, she said my bro preferred just Will. I think perhaps because he didn't want the child to be called Billy. I then told her this story.

I was six years old when my brother was born. My parents selected his name without really consulting me. I, for some reason, really wanted his name to be William. I have no recollection why; I just thought it was a good name. Through all the name suggestions my parents came up with, I kept insisting on William. Even after he was born and named (not William), I kept trying to get it changed. I even took to calling him William for awhile. My four-year-old sister, who always did everything I did, also joined in the campaign to have our brother called William.

It was unsuccessful. His name stayed what my parents had selected, and eventually I accepted it too. I think I was fully convinced when my mother told me that most little boys named William were nicknamed Billy. I hated the name Billy: I knew a mean kid down the street named Billy.

So anyway, given this history I was particularly pleased to hear that they were considering Will, and I urged her to consider William as well. I'm happy to find out that they did! And now I have a nephew finally!
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