alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Wednesday night after skating

Sitting at my computer desk at home, drinking Sleepytime tea. Hoping it will make me sleepy soon. Each time I take a sip, my eyeglasses fog up.

Perching in the desk chair, right leg tucked underneath me, left knee pulled up to my chin. Occasional waves of pain come from that knee, because there is something wrong with it that causes it to not like being bent. But this is still the position I find most comfortable, so I stay put.

Idly browsing livejournal, various car sites, BoatAnchor, and other random places. Pleased to have found this, because it feels like the weather will never be warm again here in the arctic tundra, and now I don't have to spend so much time wondering if the car I'm looking at will come with seat warmers.

Wondering if anybody else wants to fill out my poll, wondering if I'll ever spend my free time not stressing about my transportation situation, and wondering if I should just buy the same car again. My dealer said he found the exact model he sold me before, and can sell it to me again, color and everything.

Fantacisizing that I can just put wheels on my bumper instead. Wondering when I'll meet my nephew, and what it will be like to finally be an aunt.

Spilling my tea. Perhaps this means I am ready to sleep.
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