alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

First place!

Well, we won! It wasn't all that challenging, to be honest - there was only one other team. But still, they were pretty good (they're a team that has always been right on our tails), so it was a relief to win. We skated okay. Not amazing, but then I wasn't expecting to anyway. It is only the first competition after all. We will get much better as the season progresses. But we skated fairly cleanly, and it was a decent first performance. Great "ice breaker", pun intended (haha).

L did not get to skate today. It didn't seem right to her, and I agree - and not just because she is my sister. We were supposed to arrive in uniform, with full competition hair and makeup at 9:00 am (ungodly early, IMO, especially since it's an hour's drive away). Two of the girls did not arrive until about 9:45, and they didn't have their hair or makeup done. Such behavior is harmful to the team, because we had already begun warming up and practicing, and they had missed all that. Then they had to spend time getting ready, wasting more time which should have been spent preparing as a team. But they both still skated, even though L (our of our 'alternate' skaters) was there on time and ready to skate. The reason we have alternates is so that they can step in and skate if somebody is hurt or sick or whatever. The late girls shouldn't have been allowed to skate, as a lesson. I know it's a difficult decision for the coach to have made (since the late girls are better skaters than the alternates, and know their spots better), but not doing anything just encourages them to continue to take advantage of the rest of the team. After all, I got up hideously early, put on my uniform, did my hair and makeup, left plenty of driving time, and arrived on time. Why couldn't they??

Anyway. Other than that incident, the competition went well. I personally skated okay, still wearing the old skates. The music seemed really slow, either that or the whole team was just skating too fast. (Probably a combination of both.) We were off the music several times, and therefore not in unison, as it's the music that keeps everybody in unison of course. Still, all our big tricks were done well, just some of the footwork was off. Not a bad skate.

Went shopping this afternoon with my mom and sister. I failed to buy many gifts, although I did get myself a nice warm cable-knit sweater. heehee, I'm not so great at shopping for other people I guess! Actually, the shopping trip quickly grew exhausting, and I lost interest in it. Malls are kind of a painful place this time of year. I think I'm going to do most of my shopping via the internet and catalogs. I mostly was there to help my mom pick out gifts for our extended relatives, which we did successfully at least.

I got home after the skating and shopping ordeals, checked my email (yay for C!), and climbed into the shower. Enjoyed a nice long hot shower. (Side note: sometimes I just love a good hot shower, it feels just incredibly wonderful and right. I swear, if somebody were to listen to me in the shower at such times, they would think I was having the most incredible sex, as I make lots of moans and "happy noises" while I slowly inch the water hotter and hotter.)

Out of the shower, I pulled on flannel pants and a warm sweatshirt. I was feeling sleepy and cozy, so I thought, "I should just read in bed now." Then I noticed it was only 7:00pm. Guess it's not quite bedtime yet! So instead I forced myself to go through my clothes and do a load of laundry. It's time - past time. In fact, I should do two. Will probably succeed in washing two loads, though I'm making no promises on actually folding and putting away the darn stuff.

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