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I spent all of this past weekend at a science fiction convention, trying to relax and ignore my car stresses. I only somewhat-succeeded, because each time I would talk to somebody I hadn't spoken to in awhile, the story of my car accident and such tended to come up. It's the main thing my mind has been dwelling on for the past month, after all.

Even so, I managed to have a very good weekend. And while I talked about my car quite a bit, at least I (mostly) didn't stress about what to do, which helped. It was good to take my mind off of everything for awhile!

The Con started on friday night. C had agreed to MC the Opening Ceremonies, since the person who was supposed to do it had a last-minute engagement and couldn't come. C asked me to help out with a skit to introduce the convention. The name of the con was "Confusion and Her Friends". I dressed in a funky mismatched pippi longstocking sort of outfit, wearing pink long underwear, one tie-dye shoe, one stripped sock, jean overall shorts half-fastened, a stripped shirt, and pig-tails. I looked rather cute, if I do say so myself, but we totally forgot to take any pictures!

Anyway, while he started talking, I wondered confusedly onto the stage in a daze. He asked me what I was doing, and I was all, "Who are you? Where am I?" We argued in a silly manner (Where am I? ConFusion. Yes, I'm confused too, but what is this place? ConFusion. Look, I know you're confused, so am I...I don't even know who I am! Oh, you must be Confusion!), then two other people came running up saying, "Oh, there you are! It's okay, we're her friends, we'll take care of her." Then they led me off the stage, and C introduced the convention. Short and simple, but fun to do. I enjoyed meeting the guests of honor, most of whom called me Confusion for the rest of the weekend.

I spent the rest of the evening in my Confusion outfit (really quite comfy), and we started exploring the convention and checking out room parties. I'm very new to the whole science fiction convention experience. This was basically my second time at a Con. Also, each time I've gone, I've been in a weird "limbo" status. I'm a complete newbie, and I haven't really understood everything that's been going on -- but I've gone with C each time, who is not only a long-time conventioner, but also part of the staff helping to run the convention. So I'm doing stuff to help out, but at the same time feeling mostly clueless about what's happening and why. It's all very confusing to me...but I suppose that's the name of the convention after all, so it makes sense.

They have a newcomer's panel, but I haven't managed to go either time for various reasons. Maybe for my third convention, I'll make it to the newbie panel. Still, I think I had a better handle on what was going on this year than I did last year. Also, I know a lot more people who attend a lot better...they're starting to feel like friends of mine, not just friends of C's. That makes things much easier, when you have friends to hang out with and talk to and such.

So friday night after the opening ceremonies and checking in and such, I visited lots of room parties, ate and drank a bunch of yummy stuff, and hung out talking with many people. Oh, I did go to one panel, I think it was called "Hair down to there", which was kind of interesting. I like talking about hair. I was planning on going to another one that had something to do with chocolate (oooh!), but I didn't end up making it after all, alas. We stayed up quite late, then relaxed in the jacuzzi before finally getting some sleep around 5am.

Saturday morning, C and I both wanted to have coffee with this biologist guy who was there, Dr. Jack Cohen. That was at 11am I think. He was a really interesting and entertaining personality, so I'm glad I made it to that. I'd intended to go to more things and hear him speak, but somehow or another didn't manage to.

I don't remember much of what I did that afternoon. Some visiting with various people, some checking out the art show and the dealer's room. I wore my new roller skate shoes, and I did some playing with them. Unfortunately not enough of the hotel had wooden floors, and they don't work well on carpeting. I showed them off quite a bit anyway, and had fun. Everybody who saw them loved them!

At around 4pm, C and I met to get ready for the masquerade. Along with MC-ing the opening ceremonies, C had agreed to MC the costume contest. Partly to support him, and partly just because I thought it'd be nifty, I decided to enter the contest myself.

I had two costume ideas. The one I didn't go with involved the book Trouble and Her Friends, which was written by the the con's author guest. (The con's name was Confusion and Her Friends, in reference to the book.) Anyway, I came up with the very silly idea of dressing up as "Trouble"....but not the Trouble from the book (which I still haven't finished reading). Instead I would play the Music Man song ("Well, we got trouble. Right here in River City (right here!). With a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool (that stands for pool!).") I would have just dressed in a tophat, tails, and a cane, and do a little tap dance to the song. See? Very silly, but it would have been quite entertaining I'm sure.

I couldn't find the music though, in my late-night meijers run on thursday, so I went with option number 2...also a bit silly. I bought colored plastic wrap, two colors of it, green and violet. I wrapped the top half of me in a green tube-top, and the bottom half of me in a violet mini-skirt (which actually looked more like red). I then took several other pieces and put them in my hair, around my arm, wrist, ankle, etc. I ratted out my hair and colored it purplish (that wasn't very noticeable, but oh well), and wore high heels. Then I carried out a box of the plastic wrap, but I'd modified the label to say "Bugblatter Wrap". The joke was that this would be what the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams) would use to wrap up its leftovers.

It got a good laugh, and everybody I talked to liked the costume. Or at least they pretended they did...heehee. Not only that, but I won an award! The top three prizes went to people who had put way more time and effort into their costumes than I did mine. But they also awarded four other prizes, I think they were more like honorable mentions, and I was one of those...yay me! My official award was entitled "Best Preserved". Coolness!

My costume, while neat to look at, was not especially comfortable. It turns out that plastic wrap does not breath well at all (what a surprise!), plus whenever I sat down it would get all crinkled. C wanted me to keep it on though, because it was shiny and cool-looking. Finally I compromised: I took off the skirt but left the top on for awhile. I put on my brightly colored tie-dye pants, which are also pretty fun-looking, left my hair up, and off we went to enjoy the Con's saturday night.

We visited more room parties, and we danced quite a lot, had a very good time. We went to part of a Scotch-tasting party. We danced more. We went to more room parties. We talked to lots of people. We missed a pig roast, but found a meat tray. We stayed up late again, until I could barely keep my eyes open. Then we jacuzzied and went to sleep.

Sunday I had to go to my skating practice in the afternoon, so I couldn't do a whole lot. We went for a brief swim in the morning, in lovely warm water. I bought a couple of children's books illustrated by the artist guest Alan Clark, who was a very nice guy. He signed both. One of them I'll give to my new nephew, and one of them I'm keeping for myself! (Oh, and for C too. *grin*) We packed up our stuff and checked out. I debated going out to breakfast with some people, but the timing didn't work out properly. Instead I said some goodbyes and left to go to skating! An exhausting but very nice weekend.
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