alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sizes and Clothes

Last night I suddenly realized that a very good coupon I had was about to expire, so I rushed out for an emergency shopping trip. I discovered that I've dropped another clothes size. Yay me! I'm still almost hovering between sizes, but the smaller definitely fits better. It just tends to be a little tight around the top of my thighs. Darn skater-humongo-thighs. I also have baby-balancing hips, which would be useful if I had babies, but since I don't they are just an inconvenience.

Still, I found two pairs of pants, one turtleneck, and one sweater. I went to a neato discount store that has designer fashions at greatly reduced prices. I also had the coupon, given to C by a very kind and beautiful woman who doesn't particularly like me (she said I could use it anyway), which made everything even cheaper -- I got all that stuff for just under $50! Unfortunately I didn't have a whole lot of time before the place closed for the evening; I really wanted to buy more since the deals were so good.

Today I am wearing my new purplish-red pants and my new turtleneck. It's nice having clothes that fit me, since many of my other clothes weren't very flattering anymore.

(As for the tasks I was supposed to be performing last night, packing and getting ready for my skating competition in hideously cold North Dakota this weekend? Well, I got some of it accomplished. Will have to finish it up tonight, as I am leaving tomorrow morning!)
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