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Doctors - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Because I had no transportation, I put off visiting a doctor after my accident. Although somewhat sore, I knew I was uninjured, so I knew it wasn't urgent. Now I have a car again, so today I finally made it to my chiropractor. I figured that was a good place to start, then I'd see if it was worth also seeing a "real" doctor. All my major parts are okay, but my left knee hurts whenever I bend it very far, and my shoulders have been hurting. Also, I've been generally very headachey.

He looked me over and agreed with my self-assessment: I am in good working condition, and I was a very lucky girl. I told him that my left shoulder had been hurting after the accident, and although now it was nearly better, now my right shoulder was bugging me. He says both of them were strained, though not badly, and he did some chiropracty stuff to them. He said my hips and neck were "out of torque", so he put them back in torque. He thinks my knee pain (which started several days after the accident, leading me to wonder if it was even related) is probably due to my hips being off, throwing off my walking. He told me to give it a few days now that I am realigned, and hopefully it should be much better next week. I hope he's right! Knee injuries are a bugger to fix.

Hopefully all of my minor aches and pains will drift away now that he's worked on me, and I won't need to visit anybody else. I will see him again next week, and we'll see if I'm better. *crossed fingers*
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