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Happy Flowers

I have roses on my desk! They are multicolored and very pretty. 2 yellow, 2 reddish, 2 orange-yellow, 2 white, and 2 light-pink, and 2 dark-pink. And they smell nice. I may be against V-Day, but I am not against roses, nor flowers of any kind. I love flowers. Getting flowers at work is always great for cheering me up.

The only problem is that I keep futzing with them. Me and my lack of arranging skills. Every time I glance up to admire them (which is quite often!), I find myself trying to rearrange them. (Oh dear, the babies-breath is sticking out too far! The white ones are too close together! This pink one needs its outer petal removed! The roses are not equidistant! The babies-breath is all clumped to one side!) Obviously I'm far too obsessive about these things, and should learn to just leave well enough alone.

Or find somebody competent to arrange my flowers for me. I used to know a good flower-arranger, and she was even also named Renniekins, but then she moved to Arizona. Actually I admit it: her name wasn't really Renniekins, but she and I share the same "real" first name. We used to drive the exact same kind of car too. Color and everything.

Ah well...they may not be perfectly-arranged, but they are wonderful, just the same!
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