alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Urban Legends

Technology has achieved a new depth. Since not every employee has email access at my office, the company periodically prints out important memos and fliers, distributing them by hand to each desk.

Today, I received a piece of spam. On paper. Which had been photocopied and distributed to every employee in this office (around 100). Paper spam!! Well, not precisely spam, but one of those Urban Legends that gullible people like to forward, perpetuating fear and paranoia. This one was telling us that cell phones can cause explosions at gas stations (false). It also mentioned that static electricity causes explosions too (some validity but greatly exaggerated).

To me, the email virtually screams Urban Legend!! I knew before I looked it up that it would turn out to be largely false. I don't know who authorized its photocopy and reproduction, but it was a total waste of the company's money and resources. It's really very embarrassing.

Not to mention annoying.
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