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Gold Medal Massage?

Well, I finally made it to my chiropractor today! He did lots of massaging as well as some spinal manipulation...hopefully the combination will make all of my hurts go away! I'm feeling good so far.

Just in time, too, since I leave for synchro national championships on wednesday night. (At midnight. For an all-night 11-hour bus ride. um, yay?)

He wished me luck at the competition, and I thanked him. "I'll let you know how it goes," I told him. "We've been working hard. We're aiming for the gold medal; hopefully we'll be successful."

"Well, just remember your first priority is to have fun," he said in classic grownup style.

"No it's not. Our priority is the gold. If I just wanted to have fun, I'd be on a different team. We're going there to win."
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