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Happy St Patties Day!

I am wearing mostly green today. Except for my socks/shoes and my panties (the ones matching this bra are in the laundry), I am in all green. I like St. Patrick's Day. I am going out for corned beef and cabbage tonight -- happiness! I wish I had a chocolate cupcake with green frosting to eat right now. I don't know why, except that it sounds yummy. I guess I must have had one last year or something, for it to have popped so randomly into my head when I started thinking about my Irish dinner just now.

I really liked this comic. I love lightbulb jokes; I always have. Such a simple concept, yet it can spawn such a wide variety of humor. I am even thinking of getting myself a t-shirt or mug or something with it. I wish they had one in green.

This morning I changed my stone goose's outfit. Poor Harriet has been unseasonably dressed in a santa cap and red scarf since December; I've been terribly delinquent in keeping her current. Today, however, she is wearing a cute green and white and peach striped cap and scarf. Closer to appropriate, I think. I even crocheted them myself, one winter a couple of years back, in a fit of whimsy!

I spent a large part of the past weekend sleeping, and now I am feeling quite a bit healthier...which is good since I'd rather my clothing be green than my face.
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