alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Holiday decorations

Some people decorate their houses for various holidays. When at work, some people decorate their cubicle, or their desk, or their workspace. Me? I decorate my witch.

It all started a good four years ago, when several coworkers went out shopping for halloween decorations. I found a really cool papier-mache witch: she has a black flowing robe and rides a broomstick. She has a plastic wire from which she hangs. It was really a well-crafted piece, very nice-looking, and I liked it a lot.

That first year she hung by the door of the suite, with the rest of the decorations. The next Halloween, I pulled her out and hung her from the fire-sprinkler directly over my cubicle. (Better hope there's no fire, since she's made of paper! However, if there was really a fire, she would probably be the least of my worries.)

When Halloween-season ended that year, I didn't take her down. I liked her too much! Instead, since Christmas-season was coming, I took a little candy-cane-reindeer and balanced it on the broom with her. Thus, a new tradition was formed. Each time a holiday approached, I would decorate the witch's broom for that holiday. A groundhog, a leprechaun, a bunny, a flag, a turkey...all have ridden on that broom at various times during the year.

I even joked that, come Halloween, I would dress her up as a teletubby or skeleton or something, since she was clearly no longer a Halloween decoration as-is. (Actually, I just put a plastic spider on the broom this past Halloween.)

Easter is nearing, and I could give her a bunny or a chick or something. But in these turmoiled times, I decided it was time for her to make a different statement. I therefore printed out the following two little images, taped them together to form a double-sided picture, and hung them from the broom.

I don't (and won't) talk about the war much if at all, but I am and will forever remain a pacifist. I don't like killing. 'nuff said.

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