alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

No Elevator For Me

I got into work today, bought myself a nice big diet coke, and opened the door of the stairwell to walk up to my fourth-floor office. Since I gave up the building's elevator for Lent, I've been very diligent about taking the stairs. It hasn't really been a problem at all...until today.

I opened up that door, and in front of me was the bottom of a ladder. It was completely blocking the staircase. On the top of that ladder was a pair of legs. Due to the doorway I couldn't see what the legs were attached to, but I imagine it was a worker-type person doing some wiring or something.

I thought about trying to squeeze past or under the ladder, but that seemed unwise. I'm sure the leg-person wouldn't appreciate my potentially jostling his ladder!

I paused in the lobby, not sure what to do. Should I take the elevator? But I've sworn off it! Then I remembered that there are two additional stairwells, on either end of the building. I started to walk toward one...then I remembered that there is an office on the 4th floor, not mine, which encompasses where that stairwell would emerge. They probably wouldn't want me barging through their office!

So I started walking toward the third stairwell. By this time I must have looked like some poor lost soul, drifting back and forth across the lobby. Hopefully nobody was watching me too closely. I found my way to the third stairwell, and I walked up it. Kind of weird, because I emerged in a part of the building I never use, and felt very out of place. It was a public hallway though, so I walked through to my office suite.

Success! I avoided the elevator yet again, and kept my resolution. I even got to see a new part of the building....
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