alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

More Tales from the Front

My shoulder hurts too much, too often. (Must do something about that soon.) Just now, I decided to take some ibuprofen in the hopes that it would help. I'd had a cup full of ice-water sitting on my desk earlier, but I now discovered that I'd drunk all of the water and nothing but ice remained. I don't swallow pills well; I always need a drink to help them down. Still, for some reason I decided that today I could take the pills with just ice. After all ice is water, right?

I popped two pills into my mouth. Then I maneuvered my straw and slid precisely one ice cube into my mouth. Then I paused. What was I supposed to do now? I couldn't chew the ice cube with the pills in my mouth: I'd probably crush the pills and they'd taste nasty. Was I supposed to let the ice melt, and then use it to swallow the pills? I didn't think there was even enough liquid in the ice cube to enable pill-swallowing. Clearly I hadn't thought this through.

The two pills and the ice cube all balanced on my tongue, my mouth discretely closed, I grabbed my cup and hurried to the water-cooler. My tongue was growing numb. I took a swallow of real water, and found another dilemma. I couldn't swallow the pills without swallowing the ice cube, but it was really too big...and too cold....but I had to do something. Bravely I tossed my head back and swallowed the water, pills, and ice. I could feel the cold ice cube forcing its way through my throat...then everything was successfully down the tube.

Problem over. I returned to my desk, feeling rather silly. ( naturally I had to post it to the 'net....)
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