alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Moulin Rouge

A little-known fact is that I was fortunate enough to be cast as an "extra" at the filming of the movie Moulin Rouge. I was the lady in the whore-house wearing the black and gold, with the funky lace hat.

Another little-known fact is that all of the movie extras were offered two payment options: a couple hundred dollars, or a movie poster made with their image.

An almost-completely-unknown fact is that I selected the poster, because I thought that would make the memory last longer. I only just received its digital form on tuesday. Ta-daaa!

A final fairly-well-known pair of facts is that the somewhat-famous cjdoyle is a wiz on Photoshop, and I am often a very naughty liar.

But a lovely image, is it not?

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love
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