alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Is that so wrong?

Today is Secretary's Day. Excuse me, Administrative Assistant's Day. Actually, it's graduated into Administrative Assistant's Week. I was wondering why this had happened, then I realized that it makes perfect sense. Who is in charge of the calendars, after all? Secretaries, that's who! They can do whatever they want with them. Before long, we'll be celebrating Secretary's Month. Eventually we will discover that Every Day is Secretary's Day.

We don't have a secretary here at my office, but the IS department has a Technical Assistant. She does some secretarial tasks, like scheduling and expense a variety of day-to-day accounting and technical tasks. A little of everything -- I don't know what we'd do without her. I like to say she's the one who takes care of us. Joe suggested we celebrate "The Glue That Holds Us Together Day".

We have been sending her flowers for the last few years on this day, whatever you call it. (Actually, come to think of it, I think we started doing this because she'd put the date on our calendar. See what I mean, see how insidious they can be?? But she deserves it.) This year, we sent her a nice arrangement of yellow flowers, complete with a lemon in the water (we believe it's just for decoration, but what do we know, we're a bunch of techs).

Unfortunately, the package arrived after she'd left for the day, as she leaves early-ish. Curious to see what it looked like, Susan and I decided to open it, with much rustling of paper and conspiratorial whispering. Joe came around the corner to discover us opening somebody else's flowers.

We tried to justify it, claiming that they looked nicer and more welcoming on her desk all bright and colorful, instead of wrapped in plain paper. Besides, I pointed out, since Susan had purchased them, it was okay that we unwrapped them.

Wasn't it? They were are lovely, and they smell nice too!
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