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San Francisco Trip Log, Part 1 of 5, Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, 4-12-2003
  • (I didn't pull out my camera the first day, so no visual aids for day one.)
  • Arrived at Oakland 1pm, took a shuttle to our hotel, the Hilton, right downtown, near Union Square.
  • Took a cab to The Stinking Rose restaurant, a delightful all-garlic-all-the-time place! "We season our garlic with food" is their motto. Had possibly the best roasted garlic appetizer I've ever had, and the entrees were equally yummy.
  • Walked leisurely back to the hotel, wandering through the city. Saw City Lights bookstore.
  • Walked through Chinatown, bought my nephew an adorable fleece jacket and myself a magnet. C got sunglasses.
  • In the evening, took a cab to the Civic Center and watched play "Calculus, Newton's Whores" by Carl Djerassi at SF Performing Arts Library and Museum. This was an interesting play, but unfortunately I was a little too sleepy to fully enjoy it.
  • We walked back to the hotel. On the way, we saw three guys fighting in the street: 2 with one another, and one carrying on a spirited verbal and fist fight with only himself. We steered clear. We discovered later on that we'd walked through the Tenderloin area of the city, which my guidebook recommends we avoid at night... oops.... but we were fine.
  • Needing a before-bed treat, we shared a Perfect ice cream sundae at Lori's diner, a little place which we could view from our hotel window.

Sunday, 4-13-2003
  • Started the morning with a mocha at the nearby Ghirardelli store....mmmm, very chocolaty that's how a mocha should be made! I kept meaning to try their famous hot fudge sundae as well, but somehow never quite succeeded, darn it.
    Bill and Rennie enjoying Dim Sum
  • We found the conference at Moscone Center and visited the Metreon next door. Saw a Sony Aibo demo in Metreon. A little robotic pet dog, which recharges its batteries on its own when it needs to, and doesn't make any messes. My quote: "Why mess around with a real dog, when you can have one of these?"
  • Met whumpdotcom, walked to the New Asia restaurant in Chinatown for Dim Sum. I've never had Dim Sum before, but always wanted to try it. It was great!
  • Walk/bus/cab to the Palace of Fine Arts. It was originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition with a "Roman Ruin" theme. It is filled with huge columns, gardens, and a pond. We spent a few minutes walking around the grounds and taking photos.

    Chad attempts to lure a swan

  • The original building now houses the Exploratorium, a really fun hands-on science museum. We played for hours with the science exhibits. Bill's quote: "A place like this is wasted on children."

    Bill and Rennie at the Exploratorium

  • On Bill's insistence, we tried a classic San Francisco treat (no, not Rice-a-Roni) It's It ice cream sandwich! mmm....
  • We walked to the Cable Car place, intending to do the properly touristy thing and ride one, but there was a huge line. Instead of waiting in it, we found an out-of-service car and just took pics on it. We probably had more fun doing that than we would have riding a crowded one, plus we got better pics!

    Sort-of riding a cable car

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