alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Barbie Killed My Dog

Somebody wrote a post just now about Barbie Dolls, and how she doesn't think they're evil. I wanted to be all clever and silly, so I thought I'd respond in a comment about their evility. I thought I'd write "Barbie killed my dog," in honor of They Might Be Giants' song, "Youth culture killed my dog". Then I got all distracted, singing "Youth culture killed my dog" in my head, and wondering if I could download an MP3 of it somewhere. Then I thought of posting the lyrics, because their ridiculousness always makes me smile. Then I realized I was totally off-topic, and I gave up.

I never liked Barbie as a child, because she was too "girly" and I was a tomboy. All that pink in the Barbie-aisle at toy stores still frightens me. But I suspect she won't be the ruin of modern civilization. Also, why is everybody so worried that children will want to be Barbie, instead of Raggedy Ann?

I don't understand what you did to my dog....
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