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San Francisco Trip Log, Part 3 of 5, Wednesday

Wednesday, 4-16-2003
  • After my very-ambitious day prior, I was feeling a little less motivated.  I got up slowly, read a bit, then wandered around some of the stores at Union Square.  Macy's, Levis, Old Navy, etc. 
  • My hotel had given me a great coupon for Macy's.  There I fell in love with a cool pair of sneakers - which I later bought.  They will be in a picture further on in the trip report.  They are Skechers, and I am just hip enough to be aware that these are quite popular right now.  I was not, however, hip enough to notice that they are pronounced (and spelled, for that matter) Skechers, not SkEEchers.  Sounds like sketch-ers.  Ah well.  They are comfortable and nice-looking shoes, and they have a zipper, so you don't have to tie them!
  • Next I visited the conference briefly, to check my email and pick up another free t-shirt and smoothie. 
  • I wanted to see the infamous Good Vibrations store.  Now being a season SF traveler, I pulled out my map and quickly realized that I could take the BART down two stations, walk a couple blocks, and I'd be off I went!
  • Good Vibrations is, um, an adult pleasure store.  Its exterior is discrete and tasteful, with frosted windows and a small sign (making it a challenge to find).  Inside it is very clean, bright and cheery...and full of female sex-toys!  It also had a small display of kinda-scary-looking antique vibrators.
    No Virginia, those aren't kitchen appliances!
  • The area I was in was kind of interesting, because it wasn't at all touristy or businessy -- it felt much more urban-residential than anywhere else I'd been.  It had a distinctly Hispanic flair to it, so I had to stop at its local taqueria for a chicken taco and some chips.
  • Next I took the BART back to my hotel, then I walked around Chinatown for awhile.  I wandered through lots of little shops, and ended up buying myself a leather bag/purse/satchel (whatever you'd call it).  Plus I got a few souvenirs for my friends and family.
  • I also visited the Golden Gate Cookie Company and watched a couple of Chinese women making fortune cookies.  Fortune cookies originated in San Francisco, not China, incidentally.  They were folding the cookies faster than my eyes could follow...pretty impressive!
    Where fortune cookies come from
  • After trying one of their samples, I walked back to the hotel, meet C, and dressed up for the RSA's Gala. 
  • The Gala took place in the City Hall.  It was quite lavish, with good food, great deserts, plenty of drinks, some acrobats, and a live band.  We ate, drank, danced, and had a generally good evening.
The Gala in the City Hall
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