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San Francisco Trip Log, Part 4 of 5, Thursday

Thursday, 4-17-2003
  • Also known as pack-up-day, also known as last-day-of-the-conference.
  • I got up leisurely, did a little packing, went to Macy's and bought the aforementioned Cool Shoes, then picked up some falafel and crab salad for lunch.
  • C met me at the hotel, where we ate and then checked out.
  • We went to the conference one last time together, to hear the closing talk by Ben Stein.  It was a very good talk; he's quite the talented speaker!  His dry mannerisms struck me as very strange the few times I watched him on Win Ben Stein's Money, but they worked well in a speech.  Good mix of humor and intelligence.
  • We wandered around the Metreon one last time, and I got a big bag of Jelly Bellies.  I then proceeded to eat too many of these and get a sugar headache, but they were still fun.
  • We rented a car and filled it with our luggage.  We  were now officially homeless....but not for long.
  • We drove to just below Coit Tower, then we walked up the steep hill to see it.  My parents say they have never been up there without tons of fog obscuring the city, so I guess we lucked out.  The view was clear and lovely up there.  It was a little windy, but otherwise perfect!

  • Rennie at the top of Coit Tower A very steep hill!

  • Next we drove to the famous Lombard street, San Francisco's "crookedest street".  We walked up the steep hill, then we got the car and drove down the switchbacks.  
  • Bidding fond farewells to San Francisco, we left the city heading south.
  • It was a beautiful drive down the coast, with perfect sunny weather.  It was very very windy one point we stopped to admire the ocean, but the wind started driving grains of sand and droplets of water into our skin and eyes, so we didn't stay long.  It was still awesome, with lots of waves!
  • Our dinner reservations were at the Moss Beach Distillery.  We got there over an hour early, but that was planned.  They have a patio facing the ocean, with porch swings and blankets laid out.  We ordered hot drinks from the bar, cuddled up on a swing with a few blankets, and watched the sun slowly set over the ocean.  It was perfectly beautiful.  
  • Before the sun set completely, we took a short walk onto this piece of cliff that jutted out into the water.  I'd seen other people on it, admiring the view, so I thought we should try it.  As  we approached, I noticed a sign that said, "Extreme Danger, path closed!"  I went onto the path anyway, and C followed.  I assumed he had seen the sign too, and was ignoring it like me.  "Extreme danger!"  I laughed.  He asked me, "Is that what that sign said?"  I responded in classic Python style, "Oh no... no no no.... well, yes."  We went out anyway, and it was lovely.  We took several pictures of each other both on the point, then by the Danger Sign.

  • Eventually whumpdotcom arrived to join us for dinner.  We had an excellent meal, then he was kind enough to put us up for the night in his apartment.  Whump Hotel is an excellent establishment, and I'd highly recommend it to any fellow travelers.  We downloaded all of my photos-so-far onto Bill's computer, so I could show them off.  When the slide show had completed, C commented, "It looks like you've been here a month or so already!"  
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