alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Well, Penguicon officially starts tonight. I went to the Guest of Honor dinner last night, met Pete again, and met Trill for the first time. Should be a fun weekend.

Afterward we hung out in Pete's room for a bit, and I saw a whole box of stuffed BunBuns and Kikis! Oh my gosh, talk about ferret shock! They're awfully cute; never saw them in person before. Pete has a jacuzzi in his room, so we were talking about getting a bunch of bikini girls to pose in the jacuzzi with BunBun. We all thought this would be funny.

Then Pete suggested we put boxes of jello around the edge and photograph it from the side so it looks like everybody's in jello not water. At this point, Trill drew the line. "Now you're getting a little too weird," she said.

Pete's response: "Oh, being in a hottub with a stuffed bunny and a switchblade, that's perfectly fine, but a little jello is too much for you??"
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