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Birthday Evening

Yesterday I went to work, the first day after my little Amherst vacation, and I was very tired. Not a great way to start my birthday. Nobody at work had noticed that it was my birthday, and I didn't feel like pushing people to make a big deal of it. I did decide that eating my lunch alone at my desk would be a bit too depressing, so I joined a couple of guys who were already going to the deli for lunch. I didn't mention why I wanted to go out for lunch though, and nobody asked.

Fortunately I had my wonderful LJ friends saying nice things to me all day, which definitely provided some much-needed cheer! I also received 2 e-cards.

After work, I had synchro tryouts. I arrived there and my sister gave me a hug, wishing me a happy birthday. Then almost everybody on the team said happy birthday to me during the hour, so that was pretty cool. After skating my sister took me to a restaurant for a dish of ice cream. The waiter put a sparkler in it for me, and it was yummy. Then she had to rush off to a dance practice of some sort, and I drove home.

Driving home I felt okay. Not sad, not happy, just kinda "there". My throat was starting to hurt, and I worried that I was coming down with another cold. I was tired, and I was very chilly from skating followed by ice cream. I knew C had asked if our friend Sh could come over and make dinner for us. I'd said that should work, and I'd be home from skating after 8pm. I was looking forward to a nice dinner, but I was wondering if I'd have a moment to lie down before having to be social.

When I climbed my porch steps, C was already there, and he opened the door for me. He gave me a big hug and said "happy birthday". The house smelled deliciously wonderful, soft cello music was playing, and candles were lit in the livingroom. My tiredness fell off my shoulders like a discarded coat. As I came in, I saw my diningroom table was covered by a fancy lace tablecloth, two places were set, some silver dishes sat atop it, and two red tapered candles were burning in silver candleholders. A large yellow-flowered mum sat in the center.

C served us up a delicious homemade meal of salad, potatoes, greenbeans, and cornish game hens with mandarin oranges. There was even a fabulous little chocolate mousse cake afterward. It turned out to be a really lovely evening, relaxed, peaceful, and stress-free. Precisely what I needed. Even more nice because it was so unexpected.
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