alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Hip Hop Show

I hip-hopped my little heart out on friday, and it went well I'd say. Word. We practiced the number backstage several times, so by the time we went out there I had the steps down, yo. (See how hip (hop) and urban I am now? Oooh, impressive.) Anyway, I got all the steps right, put lots of expression in, and had a very good time.

The only downside of the show was that, for some reason, they had decided to add stuff to the dance recital. Non-dance stuff. I don't know why the Off-key Singing Children From Hell were there, or who thought having them do a half hour's worth of painful selections from Sound of Music and other newly-ruined musicals was a good idea. The only good aspect of that atrocity was: (for the audience members who didn't flee in terror) our performance was so much amazingly better in comparison, we were a huge hit.

Having been warned ahead of time that the show was expected to be almost 3 hours in length, I actively discouraged attendance by anybody other than C, who I forced to come and take pictures (I wanted to have at least one fan there). C and I intentionally arrived late, though not late enough we discovered. It's a shame, because I would have loved to have my friends and family come watch me dance, I love to show off everything I've learned, but I simply couldn't subject them to a 3-hour show in order to see me dance for 2 minutes.

At home later that evening I played my downloaded version of the music and performed the dance for my sis and bro, complete with my midriff-revealing costume and a flashlight (for the light show). They thought it was cool, even the part where I forgot how small my livingroom was and slid right into the piano.
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