alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Weekend - Ford Centennial

Had a long and busy weekend! A nice one though. I had Friday off, and I spent most of the weekend in Dearborn attending the Ford Centennial celebration. It was pretty cool. We lucked out and had beautiful sunny warm weather. Felt like spring/summer and really arrived (finally!). I wandered around looking at cars, looking at displays, that sorta thing.

I'm not much of a car-person, so I don't remember a whole lot of the "specifications" of the stuff I saw - years, models, and whatnot. But I saw some neat-looking cars, nonetheless. They also had "100 years worth of cars", the idea was to have one made in each of the years they've been around. It was cool to walk through that display and watch the automobile's evolution since 1903.

I also saw some airplanes. I saw an exact replica of the plane the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk. Kinda cool, that!

Unfortunately the friday night outdoor concert was canceled (ground was too wet), but the saturday night concert was quite cool. I didn't end up making it to the sunday concert, for complicated reasons. None of the music was really "my type", but it was nice just lying on a blanket on the grass, relaxing during a lovely evening, watching and listening to the live music.

On saturday I spent some time tracking down an "Easy-Up" tent for C. I visited several stores before I finally found one....He wanted it to shelter him and his car. He brought his neato 1978 MicroSport concept car. It's the first time the little car has been allowed out of its luxury garage since he bought it last year. It was fun seeing it again, and showing it off! Lots of people stopped by to admire it and take pictures of it.

C's mother and grandmother were in town for the event too. Even though family can add a lot of stress to one's life, it was really nice seeing them again and spending time with them. I like C's grandmother a lot; she has a sparkley personality that makes me smile.
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