alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Big Brother

Excerpts from a conversation I just had with an older female friend of mine:

You two are like my little sisters, anyway.
That's great! I've always wanted a big sister.
Tired of being the older sister, are you?
Yeah, it gets to be a pain after awhile. I don't like being responsible all the time.
I've always been the youngest. Plus I'm the only girl in the family; you've never had that either.
No, I haven't. I think one reason I'm often so childlike in my [dating] relationships is because, while I love having boyfriends, I've also just always wanted a big brother.
That sounds like a good psychological explanation!
I think so. It makes sense. ...and it's worked so far, at least they've put up with it....
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