alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Loud Music Guy

Things have taken an exciting twist here in Cubicleville!

Loud Music Guy, who has been annoying me for months, had his headphone-music turned up even louder than usual today. I was sitting here quietly at my desk, worrying seriously about his hearing. He is wearing a new pair of headphones, which look to be of fairly high quality. His music was still annoyingly loud. I put my own (also high-quality) headphones on - without any music, but just to block out the noise. I could still hear his music far too well! It can't possibly have been good for his ears. It certainly wasn't good for my peace of mind.

Just when I was starting to really stew, and contemplating writing a really scathing LJ entry (because I am too non-confrontational and wimpy to actually approach him about it), something totally unexpected happened. The new guy who sits two cubicles down from Loud Music Guy walked over and said, "Just so you know...I can hear that all the way down there."

"Oh!", said Loud Music Guy. And the noise stopped. Just like that.

Now why didn't I think of that? (Although...we'll see how long the quiet lasts. I have my doubts.)
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