alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bugs, and not the software kind

Last night I was sitting peacefully at my desk, reacquainting myself with my computer after my weekend away.

I felt something touching my bare leg. I thought it was my cat's tail. When I looked nonchalantly down, I discovered it was actually a large bug crawling on my outer calf.

I jumped. Now I'm no sissy, but when you are expecting a soft fluffy tail, and you find instead a nasty crawling bug, there is going to be some serious flinching going on. My hand started its "shooing" motions even before it reached my leg, and eventually the bug was knocked onto the floor.

It lay on its back next to the phone cord, motionless. Unsure if it was dead, preparing to squish it anyway, I leaned in for a closer look. My toe hit the phone cord, which tapped the bug, and it leaped straight up. I reflexively leaped in the opposite direction, and it used the distraction to crawl quickly underneath my desk where I couldn't reach it.

I didn't see the darn thing for the rest of the night. But I kept my legs tucked underneath me, off the floor. Just in case.
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