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Puppy-dog rescuer

My neighbors have this furry little white dog, Murdock. He woke me up tonight with his barking. It was this sad, whiny little bark. He was sitting right by his side-door, staring at the doggie-door in it, and barking. Then he's pause, whimper a little, the bark again, these three questioning barks. I watched him from my window for a bit, wondering what was wrong. He just sat there, in front of the door. Had it been locked for the evening? Was his dad not home? I went downstairs, checked in the driveway: the truck was in the driveway and the Christmas lights on, so he's home. Maybe just sleeping too deeply to hear poor little Murdock calling him. So I put a bathrobe on, and go outside (leaving my feet bare, which turned out to be a rather poor, cold, idea) to investigate. I come to the fence, Murdock doesn't move from his doorway vigil. I look closer, and there is a step in front of the door, which Murdock hasn't climbed. I know I've been told this is a very old dog - maybe the step is too much for him tonight. I talk to him as I come closer, and nuzzle his head. "Are you okay puppy? Do you want to go inside? Is your door locked?" I give the door a nudge, and it swings freely. "What if I just picked you up and put you through this door, would that make you feel better?" He feels so light and frail as I pick him up, push the door open, and set him down half-in and half-out. I give his rump an encouraging pat, and he shuffles in. I let the door close behind him, and pause, to see if he come out, or cries again. Neither happens, and my feet are growing cold, so I go back to my house. Look out the window once more - no dog, no noise. I think I did a good deed this evening for little Murdock. It's a cold night to be trapped outside your own home.
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