alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Great Big Sea Concert

It was very cool...I'm glad I went. The drive to Sarnia was quick and easy. The venue was smaller than I'd pictured, but quite nice. We brought folding camp chairs, which turned out to be practically mandetory at Sarnia music festivals -- seemed like almost everybody had them! We got there around 5pm and enjoyed 2 bands before the sun set. We also had some ribs, a smoothie, some poutine, and we brought a softball and mits to play catch. Quite a lovely afternoon.

When Great Big Sea came on, everybody stood up of course. This generally marks the end of my concert-watching experience, since I am significantly shorter than most of the world. The basic fact of a standing concert is: I can't see the stage. Well, I can see bits and pieces of the top of it, if I weave back and forth, catching glimpses of the performers through momentary gaps in the wall of heads in front of me....but I certainly can't just see the whole stage any longer.

I swayed to the music, peering through the heads in front of me. I could usually keep the head and shoulders of one of the band members in sight. I couldn't tell what they were wearing, nor what insturment they were playing -- I wasn't even certain how many people were on the stage -- but I could hear really well, and that's what a music concert is really about, right? The sound was awesome. The crowd was energized. I danced a lot. I looked at the lights. I people-watched.

I was at the concert with two tall guys: C and J. They could see just about everything, I think. Then a few songs into the show, they each grabbed one of my legs and hoisted me up. My eye-level was actually above the heads of the crowd; I could see the whole stage! "Wow, so that's what the band looks like," I exclaimed in awe. It was so cool.

They held me up for the entire song, and we danced and bounced around like crazy siamese triplets. It was great fun, up there able to see everything, feeling the night air, bopping to the music. At one point, they even started tossing me up and down, my hair flying, my laughter spilling out.

I felt somewhat guilty about the people behind me, who probably couldn't see as well with me up in the air in front of them. I also felt sorry for my generous lifters, who were getting quite a workout, so I had them put me down after the song was over. They picked me up again during a few more of our favorite songs, but I spent most of the concert standing and dancing down below. I figured that made it somewhat fair for the people behind me: they could probably see far more than me most of the concert, but for a just few select songs I could see everything, even if it did block their view a bit.

The concert from a tall person's perspective: "Ha-ha, the guitarist just kissed the singer on the cheek!", he says to me, while watching the between-song stage banter.

The concert from a short person's perspective: "Hey look, they have an Easy-Up just like the one I bought you!", I say to him, while staring at the canopy which is (presumably) erected over the band's electronic equipment, since all I can see are things which are above everybody's heads.
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