alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cat Dream

I had a dream last night in which my cat was meowing loudly for my attention. I looked over at her and asked, "What's the matter Kitty, what do you want?"

She looked right at me with wide eyes and exclaimed urgently, "Water!"

I remember feeling slightly startled that she had spoken, but this was replaced immediately by a feeling that it was perfectly natural that she should express herself this way. I was puzzled that it had surprised me. Why wouldn't she ask for water, if she needed some?

So I went to the kitchen, but the water bowl wasn't there. I asked her conversationally, "Where's the bowl again?"

She trotted around the wall into the dining room and showed me the bowl. "Here, over here." It was bone dry. I felt badly for her, that I had neglected to notice it earlier, and I filled it up.

That's all of the dream I remember. This morning I checked the water bowl, and it had plenty of water. My cat, lounging comfortably on the couch, said nothing.
Tags: dream
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