alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Duke Surreality

Right around when I started using LJ, I happened upon a mess of cute icon-sized pictures of Duke. Not having any icons of my own, and not having seen them used on LJ, they seemed like a good choice. So I installed several of them here, and I have been using his likeness in most of my posts ever since.

The weird thing is: I've gotten so used to seeing him next to my posts, I've started to associate him with me and with LJ! So just now I was reading a article for work, and at the bottom was a picture of Duke.

"Wait," I thought to myself, "How did my LJ get in here?!" I actually was confused for a couple of seconds, until I realized where I was. "Oh yeah. Duh, this is where he comes from..."

Kinda surreal. I guess I've identified myself a little too closely with the little guy!

Edit: While I'm thinking about it, I've uploaded a new picture of him! Java Swing is (currently) still my main project, so it makes sense. Isn't he cute? Eventually I'll have to get around to making it transparent...
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