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Beer on a Bike - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Beer on a Bike
It was a warm evening, and we were driving to the theater with the sunroof wide open. As we pulled onto a side road, we saw a man on a bicycle coming towards us. He was riding one-handed, and his other hand was struggling with a 24-pack of beer.

Navigating a bicycle with that much beer in hand must be challenging. He was swerving back and forth quite a bit. He started veering into the middle of road. In fact, as C slowed and pulled to the side to avoid him, the guy seemed to be almost chasing us....as though he wanted to aim straight toward a head-on collision with us no matter which way the car pointed.

My theory was that he was looking for a lawsuit. He wanted us to hit him, and while we were distracted he would cleverly toss the 24-pack of beer through the open sunroof, nailing us with drunken-bicycle-hitting. He would probably end up taken care of for life!

I guess we were too smart for him though, because moments after I thought this, he changed his bicycle's direction back to the side of the road, and we passed without event.
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guingel From: guingel Date: July 25th, 2003 09:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
I applaud your escape from his crafty trap!
encorecrazay From: encorecrazay Date: July 25th, 2003 10:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
But did you go to a drive-in on a nice, warm summer night? Which would have been great if you'd had some beer. Sure it wasn't just a 12 pack? That easy to handle on a bike.
renniekins From: renniekins Date: July 28th, 2003 08:12 am (UTC) (Link)
It was cube-form, which I think means 24. *shrug*

No, an indoor movie. although a drive-in would have been nice, yes!
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