alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

I would like to talk about skating, and doing the splits several dozen times as we rehearsed our latest "flash trick" (which I believe will look fairly cool).

I would like to talk about going out with my girlfriends this evening, eating Thai food, and laughing more than 15 times but probably less than 500... ...and winning at Euchre, if barely.

I would like to talk about going shopping because it was Friends and Family Week at Old Navy and The Gap, I had excellent coupons, and I got some neat clothes. Even a furry fall jacket. ...and my friends all helped out in the Hemming Of My New Pants, so now they fit me! (darn short legs)

I would like to rant about how annoying my sporatic shoulder pain is, and how it is not allowing me to sleep, and how I wished I knew a way to fix it (that didn't involve wandering from doctor to unknown-doctor).

...but my shoulder hurts, it is 1:41am, and I don't feel like typing a lot. So I will leave you with this poem.

I make my smilies backwards,
I've done it almost all my life.
It makes my smilies taste funny,
but it keeps them on the knife
and it fills my life with strife
but it hides them from the scythe
but it makes them seem so lithe!

I wrote it myself...and I don't even like poetry! (:
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