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On Facial Hair

There is a guy who works in the same building as I do, and I pass him in the hallway every now and then. Each time I see him, his face startles me a little bit. He's got a mustache, but he has shaved an area between the top of the mustache and his nose. There's just a narrow strip of hair balanced precariously on the top of his upper lip. Whenever I look at him, I get the impression that the mustache is sliding down his face and is in danger of tumbling right off.

I don't think this is wise mustache-management. I suppose he is trying to avoid the opposite extreme, which also creeps me out incidentally -- the mustache that looks like it is trying to crawl into the wearer's nose. Also not the best look.

I knew a kid in high school who grew a mustache once, and there was a large space in the center with no growth. Two furry strips, and a distinct space in-between. I always thought it looked a little bit like two caterpillars had crawled onto his lip and died there. To make it even more disturbing, his eyebrows matched the mustache-pieces almost exactly.

Gentlemen: if you choose to sport facial hair, you should think very carefully about what it looks like, and the repercussions!
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