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I feel like I got hit by a train. Okay, a fairly small train, that didn't crush or mangle me or anything. Maybe a child's toy train, not so much a real train. But a sturdy and fast-moving child's train....

Oh dear, this isn't the best analogy. I'd better start over.

I feel like I got hit by a solid block of ice, while moving at a fairly high speed. Yeah, that works better, because that's more what happened! At skating practice today, we were working on learning our new program. We were moving in a fast line forward, doing some footwork. I was on the end, and it was whipping a lot because we aren't all moving at the same speed and direction yet, since it's new. We switched from forward to backward, and the girl next to me caught her heel and fell down.

She was too close for me to avoid her, and she swept my feet right out from under me. I tumbled over her and slammed my back into the ice with an embarrassing yell, as the wind was knocked out of my lungs. I thumped my elbow on the ice too, but fortunately I didn't hit my head, and I didn't actually injure anything. Once I caught my breath back, I was fine to get up and keep skating.

I knew I'd be sore once I stopped moving, because it was just so jarring! All of my back/ shoulder/ neck muscles and joints feel pretty abused. I took 3 advil when I got home a couple of hours ago, and I've been just lying on the couch. Now that I've gotten up, everything's much stiffer. I'm sure I'll be a lot better off in the morning, but right now, ouch!

Our poor coach, too....this just wasn't an "on" day for the team for some reason. We had a few people trip here and there. She sighed at one point, "We haven't even gotten to the hard stuff!"
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